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Ann Oxley Love Lipo Real Results



"Having Lipo treatments at Livia Club has been the best thing for me in a long time. Seeing my size going down and confidence growing, it’s all a women ever wants. Losing 4½ inches around my stomach and 2½ inches around my hips is a great achievement. I feel really good about myself now."

Ann Oxley, Colchester



"After having just a few sessions of LoveLipo, I have already lost 4 inches from my tummy and 5 inches from my hips.  Really impressive results already! The treatments are relaxing and the therapist is lovely! I will definitely be booking more treatments."  

Jodie, Colchester


"I would encourage anyone wanting to shift excess fat to invest in LoveLipo.  The treatments are painless and take place in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, given by a most supportive therapist.  I have lost 3.5 inches from my tummy and although it is still work in progress, I am really impressed with the results so far." Livia Club Member


"Having LoveLipo treatments has been the best thing for me.  Losing 3 inches from my tummy and 2 inches from my hips has made me feel fabulous! Irena, Colchester