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Love Lipo Livia Club

LoveLipo uses ultrasound technology to remove stubborn fat pockets, with visible results. The treatment is pain free and there are no side effects or health risks.

  • Dieting can decrease fat cells, but the quantity remains the same. Ultrasonic lipo destroys fat cells making it the most effective way to eliminate stubborn fat pockets. It is completely safe and pain-free.
  • During the procedure the ultrasonic waves burst the fat cell membranes, effectively ‘melting’ the fat. The contents are passed through the lymphatic system and then leave the body as waste.
  • LoveLipo can treat most areas of the body, typically the stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and upper arms.
  • Ultrasound has been in use for over 60 years for therapeutic treatments by physiotherapists and more recently, used for scanning the womb during pregnancy.
  • Results of invasive surgical procedures and ultrasonic lipo are practically the same, however, LoveLipo uses non-invasive ultrasound technology that requires no cutting, anaesthetic, pain or overall health risks.