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SMARTZONE-The Heart of the Club

Livia Club Ladies only Gym Colchester



  • Livia Clubs exclusively use HUR SMART air resistance equipment which is designed to accommodate the fact that everybody is not the same.

The equipment matches the body’s natural muscular movement using smooth air pressure technology.

The result – safer, more effective exercise for people of all ages and abilities.




How the SMARTZONE works:

Livia Club Smartzone

Your training program is downloaded onto a SMART Card and you check-in via the user-friendly Client kiosk.

After each training session, you receive clear and precise feedback on your training session and development.

Here’s the SMART bit – if you improve your target on any machine, the software automatically updates your program to make it a little more difficult next time, thus ensuring you are always improving your fitness without even thinking about it!


Training made Easy


HUR SMART Card machines are safe and easy to use.

Each machine is controlled through a high quality touch screen which guides you through your workout.

The screen displays your training program, resistance, number of repetitions and sets.

During exercise, the machine automatically counts repetitions and an auditory signal is given once a set is complete.