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Livia Club facilities

Safer, more effective exercise for ladies of all ages and abilities.

The Livia SMART Workout

Say goodbye to neck and shoulder aches.
This exercise helps get the blood to circulate, helping muscles to recover from the strain and stress of everyday life. Once you strengthen your upper back muscles, it helps you to cope with the all too familiar neck and shoulder pains.
Machine Name: Optimal Rhomb
Strengthen and Tone thighs and pelvic muscles
At Livia Club it is easy to strengthen your pelvic floor and to tone your thighs - adductors and abductors - which are difficult to strengthen by walking or jogging. Livia Training is designed so that all your muscle groups can work properly. A regular workout will help make lasting changes to your body.
Machine Name: Abduction/Adduction
The many advantages of the abdominal muscles
Strong abdominal muscles will not only improve your appearance by flattening your stomach, but will also help to protect your back. The abdominal muscles are part of the so-called core, which, by strengthening, will assist an active lifestyle for yourself - and a slimmer waist!
Machine Name: Abdomen
Develop good posture
At the same time as exercising your chest muscles, you will tone your breasts and improve your self-image!
Machine Name: Chest Press
Firm thighs and glutes
With this machine you can easily tone your hamstrings and glutes, which helps reduce unwelcome cellulite. A healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, as well as effective training combine to reduce cellulite.
Machine Name: Body Extension
Core Conditioning
Livia Club's equipment will ensure that you have an efficient workout for all muscle groups. In addition to working the back and abdominal muscles, it is a good idea to also strengthen the side muscles of the rib cage - the obliques.
Machine Name: Twist
Strong and slender arms
Strong arms will help you in many everyday activities. The arms are, however, hardly strengthened when jogging or walking. With Livia Club equipment you can easily and accurately isolate and exercise the arm muscles to tone and beautify.
Machine Name: Pushup / Pulldown
Strong back muscles will improve your quality of life
Strong back muscles help prevent back problems and protect the spine. Strengthening the muscles in your back helps to keep you in good working order throughout your life. Back muscles, together with the abdominal muscles, form the body core - the strengthening of which will help you to achieve a stylish, toned body.
Machine Name: Back Extension
Strong muscles will increase your calorie burn
The thigh and gluteus muscles of the human body are one of the largest muscle groups. By strengthening them you will help get more muscle mass instead of fat. The more body muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn even at rest.
Machine Name: Leg Extension / Leg Curl
Increase your heart rate, and complete the training session
Cycle for approximately 10-minutes and raise your heart rate for aerobic training. Oxygen uptake increases during an aerobic workout and complements your strength training section. Muscular strength training and aerobic exercise combined is three times more effective for weight management than aerobic training on its own.
Machine Name: Cycle
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As a Livia Club member you will receive a personalized training program that is stored on your SMART card. Here’s the SMART bit – if you improve your target on any machine, the software automatically updates your program to make it a little more difficult next time, thus ensuring you are always improving your fitness without even thinking about it!