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Frequently Asked Questions

I have used other 30 minute circuit gyms. What's different about the Livia concept?

For some clubs who use air machines, the circuit is actually controlled by lights and/or buzzers. This system can sometimes reduce the enjoyment for some members by placing undue stress on moving from machine to machine and finishing the exercise on time.

At Livia we use state of the art HUR SMART Card controlled air resistance machines - many featuring 2 different exercises, thus minimising movement between machines. We also allow members to work at their own pace.

I am used to exercising for 45 minutes or more using cardio equipment only - what can I expect at Livia?

Using cardio machines like treadmills, will improve your aerobic fitness and does have health benefits, but for weight loss, you are much better off doing more resistance exercises. Resistance exercise, that is exercising muscles against some form of resistance, will burn far more calories in the long run than a cardio-aerobic program alone. Our unique workout is optimized for both resistance training and some aerobic exercise. This combination can be more effective than a simple weight control, aerobic-only program. With Livia SMART Training you can burn more fat and tone up your muscles at the same time.

Having retired I would like to start exercising but have never been to a gym. Is it safe?

The oldest member currently exercising at Livia is 87 years young! Our equipment allows us to adapt an exercise program for any age and fitness level. You have a one-to-one consultation, with a fully trained female instructor when you first join and we always take your age, fitness level and ability into account. Exercise is particularly important as we get older as it helps to maintain our core strength and mobility, as well as looking after our hearts.

I am so nervous about even viewing a gym let alone exercising-can you help me?

Please don’t worry, so many people tell us exactly the same thing, but once they have been to see us, they are delighted and feel completely at ease. Livia Club provides a non-intimidating environment for women to reach their goals without fear of being judged.

At Livia we understand that many women feel self-conscious in traditional gym environments, which is why we are proud to be so different. The majority of our members have either never been a member of a gym before, or had a bad experience at one, so they come to us to exercise in a safe and friendly facility.

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Opening Times

Monday to Friday
9.00am to 7.00pm

Saturday & Sunday
9.00am to 12.00pm