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Resistance Training Benefits

Livia SMART Training

Is optimized for both resistance training and aerobic exercise. This combination can be more effective than a simple weight control, aerobic-only program. With Livia SMART training you can burn more fat and tone up your muscles at the same time. The Livia concept has been developed using research into resistance training and the effect on metabolism therefore the circuit is set up to maximise your results. After 10-12 weeks of resistance exercise, you may see an increase in your resting metabolic rate and a loss in weight. (Results may vary from person to person).

Burn more Fat and Tone up

The more toned our muscles become, the more energy they use, even at rest. The more muscle tone that we have in our body, the more calories we burn. In other words, resistance exercise, the type of exercise performed on the Livia circuit, will increase metabolism and help tone your body.

Aerobic Exercise on its own is not enough

Why do most people think that aerobic exercise will help them lose weight? Using cardio machines like treadmills, will improve cardiovascular fitness and is good as part of an exercise routine. However, for weight loss, resistance exercises can be much more effective when compared to a cardio-aerobic program alone.

To lose a whole pound of fat, it would take about five hours of jogging, always assuming that you could jog that quickly and for that long! And if jogging doesn’t appeal to you, you could try other forms of exercise, i.e. cycling, swimming, walking, aerobic classes, etc., but these types of exercise burn even less calories per hour.

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